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And the Greatest of These is Love . . .

Daddy and Anne early 80s

My Dad a couple of years before he died, loving me.

My father died early in the morning of Valentine’s Day more than 30 years ago.  His last words were, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Charlotte, I love you.  Let me hold you.”  My mother went to sleep in his arms and woke to him expiring.  So this day to me is so much sweeter than all the candy sold on this day, as true love is–whether the genuine love of a spouse, a child, a parent, a grandchild or a friend.  It’s about the license to love fully, like my Dad loved my Mom and like God loves each of us.

My favorite thing about this holiday is that society on this day encourages us to do something nice even for the bully in the grade school class or the prickly person at work.  And to literally wear your heart on your sleeve. . . .

A ginger I know giving his date her first corsage

A ginger I know giving his date her first corsage

Nancy Robbins valentine tree (2)

Cape May Past President Nancy Robbins repurposes the Christmas tree to celebrate love

Cape May Van

Van in New Jersey takes to the streets during the recent floods, an example of love leading to action

To just go a little over the top with gussies and frills . . .


To go out of your way to  turn someone’s day around . . .







Pope Francis enthralled by a child with Down’s syndrome during his visit to Washington in September


Today, I’ll be brief, remembering that, for us, our love of the Christ Child is that powerful and embracing emotion that calls us to empower and embrace the children around us through our care for them.  In this virtuous cycle, love truly makes the world go ’round.


Anne Mom Oct 8 15

6 months after her stroke my Mom made birthday dinner for me last fall–after cleaning up from a bridge luncheon for 12 the same day! Now that’s love . . .




So, may every chocolate covered strawberry or fragrant rosebud or warm hug or loving kiss we enjoy today remind us that love is the one thing in life that can be infinitely shared. . . .

Enjoy what’s left of your Valentine’s Day,