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Deep Diaper Discounts: NCCS Pre-Qualifies Chapters for the New Jet Community Diaper Program

diapersWe all know diapers are a basic health necessity that no baby can do without. Yet federal assistance, which addresses nearly every other essential need, specifically excludes diapers. The sad truth is that 1 in 3 families lack sufficient access to diapers, with many paying as much as 70 cents per diaper at corner convenience stores or travelling multiple hours for multiple dollars to get diapers at slightly lower prices.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Expenditure Survey’s Diary Survey, families in poverty may spend 13-14% of their household income on diapers–in vast contrast to higher income families who can easily access cheaper diapers at volume discounts.  As a result of this shortage, children are exposed to health risks and/or diapers crowd out food or other essential purchases for low income families.

To the rescue, the Community Diaper Program, operated by Jet.    Jet logoJet, an e-commerce shopping marketplace, has partnered with Cuties, a diaper manufacturer, to deliver high-quality diapers in the most cost-effective way possible.  Via this new program, the price per diaper will be reduced from as high as $.50 to an average of $.13 per diaper without sacrificing quality.  (Here’s a story on the announcement this March from the Washington Post).

As soon as she heard about the Jet program, NCCS Executive Director Carolyn Pumphrey alerted the board of this new opportunity to reduce the costs of our chapters’ many layette, crib club and other infant support programs.

NCCS Executive Director Carolyn Pumphrey

NCCS Executive Director Carolyn Pumphrey

She then immediately contacted Jet to explain our work across the country and to find out how we could help streamline the application process for our chapters.  Jet has agreed to provide NCCS with promo codes for all 43 chapters so that they can purchase Cuties diapers at the preferred pricing, starting later this month.  Once NCCS obtains the promo codes from Jet, each chapter will be able to work directly with Jet to place orders as needed–with free delivery to locations the chapters specify.

diaper boys

Lynda Rittenhouse engaged in her family diaper sourcing and delivery project for Christ Child of Fort Wayne


Rittenhouse boys in the diaper depot

A chapter already excited about this new opportunity is Fort Wayne, Indiana, which operates multiple crib clubs as well as its layette program.  According to Lynda Rittenhouse, who followed her mother Beverly McArdle as the chapter’s head of diaper purchasing, the Jet Community Diaper program “is a Godsend.”   Lynda has spent the last ten years working with her six sons as a sort of family community service team to source diapers for Christ Child at the lowest possible prices in the area.  Thanks to the new Jet program, Lynda estimates the Fort Wayne chapter will be able to save 3-5 cents per diaper on the 156,000 diapers a year they purchase today–and potentially allow them to purchase more diapers in the future.  For chapters who are currently purchasing diapers at an average price higher than Fort Wayne’s  $ .21 per diaper, the savings may be even more significant!

Hats off to Jet, Cuties and others behind the Community Diaper Program for truly “finding a need and filling it”, as our founder Mary Virginia Merrick would say.  12[1]And not just any need but a need that supports layette programs that are operated by all Christ Child chapters!  Keep an eye out for information coming to chapter presidents this week on how to get your promo code by working with the NCCS office.  And learn more about both the problem and the solution by going to Jet’s Facebook page and watching this video . . . .

Finally, pass this blogpost along to friends of Christ Child and within Christ Child and use the Comment fields to let us know what you think of this new program!